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What you should know about home care services.

Generally, home care is a non-medical assistance rendered in a home setting. These services are usually hired for adults who are not able to perform daily activities thanks to one reason or the other. Besides the fact that this service provides peace of mind for family members, it also comforts the adult receiving this assistance because they will remain in the comfort of their home instead of being in a nursing home which is usually depressing for some.

Please note that home care is different from home health care. The latter requires registered nurses and trained therapists with medial qualifications.


Home care providers can do a lot of things for their clients, these include;

Personal care: This is about helping clients with personal stuffs like bathing, dressing, preparing meals etc.
Household maintenance: This includes laundry and general cleaning of the house. The home care provider will only be assisting the home owner with these chores, not necessarily doing it for them.
Companionship: Adults who suffer from Alzheimer or Dementia usually need someone around during the day. Home care providers can help them by taking them socializing, shopping, and even watching tv with them.


It is important to remember that you can get services from an agency or individual when looking for a home care provider. Some people tends to rely on companies, although this is good, they could also be costly compared to individual service provider. You should remember to check the following when you have finally decided which path to choose, so you have the best provider attending to your needs.

* The qualification of the caregiver: Home caregivers don’t necessarily need any medical background, however, they should at least be trained professionally to offer quality services. They should have the basic skills of being polite and know how to handle their clients in the best possible way. You should make sure you get trained caregivers as training is very important, so you can relax and know your loved ones are in good hands.

**The schedule of the caregiver: A lot of adults become accustomed with only one caregiver taking care of their needs and won’t be comfortable with changes, So, when choosing a caregiver, be sure to ask if they have an option of having a committed caregiver attend to your loved ones instead of dealing with different rotating caregivers daily. Try to choose what is in the best interest for your loved ones.

***The services to be rendered: There are other related services your loved ones may need other than the usual daily chores, make sure to find out beforehand if your provider can offer sure services so you don’t have to be making changes when you need the additional services.

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