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What you need to know about VASER Liposuction

Let face it, no one likes a flabby look, and for those of you that can afford to do something about it, choosing the right option becomes a confusing problem. With questions like, what is the best type of liposuction to get rid of my flab? Will it hurt? Will the results be permanent? Who is the best surgeon to chose in my city or country? Would I need to travel somewhere else to have it done? How long would recovery take? And so on….

As you can see, it’s not that easy to decide on how to get rid of your flabbiness without a lot of research, even with the money in hand. So, I have decided to help you a little with your research by telling you about one of the best options for your consideration.

What is VASER liposuction: VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. This simply means that VASER liposuction is a type of liposuction that uses high energy sound waves to break down fat into liquid in the target area of your body, before being gently sucked out without damaging any of your connective tissues, nerves, or blood vessels, which makes it much safer and less painful than all the other types of traditional liposuction. This is the biggest advantage of this type of liposuction.

Cost of VASER liposuction: VASER liposuction could cost considerably more than some of the other traditional types of liposuction. So, make sure to do a lot of bargain hunting to get the best deal, however be careful not to end up with less quality of work due the savings you are getting, make sure you know why the procedure is being done at a bargain of its original price. Remember you get what you pay for.

How long for recovery and to start seeing results: The recovery time of VASER liposuction can is very low compared to the other types of liposuction, it can take as little as one to three months for all swelling to disappear, and with the aid of compression garments, the swelling will disappear even faster. Also, the result of VASER liposuction is almost instantaneous. If you notice the swelling is no going down after he first three months, I would advise you to go see a surgeon or better yet if you were lucky enough to have had post operation care as part of your surgery package, then just call up the clinic or hospital your had your surgery in and let them know you need to see the surgeon about your swelling.

Expected side effect: Like any other surgery, you would expect some post op side effect. However, there is usually nothing to worry about with this surgery, the most you can expect is just a bit of bruising and swelling. The overall benefits of having VASER liposuction considerable outweighs the minor side effects. Bonus… you get to enjoy a much tighter skin.

Is the result permanent? Well this part is completely up to you, because if you stick to a healthy lifestyle without constantly binging on bad food and you do basic exercise, then yes, the results could be permanent. Doing the opposite is not advised, you might not gain back fat in the specific areas you had the procedure in, but you will gain back weight every where else. So, eat well, stay healthy and your results will continue to put a smile on your

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