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Very important reasons to buy your health insurance plans immediately.

Most people consider health insurance as an optional unimportant waste of money that should be acquired only when needed. Well I personally can understand that line of thought, because why should any healthy person buy a health insurance plan they don’t need right now, especially when they might have a lot of other bills they can use the extra cash for? Well the truth is that no one knows when they might suddenly fall ill or be involved in an unfortunate accident and unless you are a British citizen with free NHS… then you strongly need to consider buying a health insurance plan you can afford, to cover you for when you need it.

Find below a list of very important reasons to buy a health insurance plan right away:

To avoid rigorous examinations: One of the most important and beneficial reasons to buy your health insurance at an earlier age (maximum before the age of 50 years old) is to avoid the strict and very demanding string of examinations that are required of by most if not all health insurance polices due to your age, in order to find out if you have any pre-existing health conditions which you might not even be aware of yet because of your age. If by any chance any such condition is discovered minor or otherwise, then your premium would be most defiantly over loaded with more costs. However, if you buy your health insurance early, then all future pre-existing health conditions would be covered automatically without all the stringent tests the over 50s are subjected to.

Enjoy lower premiums: The cost of health insurance premiums can be much lower for the under 50s, and the younger you are, the cheaper the health insurance premiums you can buy.

Gather up your no- claim benefits: Buying your health insurance early is like investing in shares and collecting dividends over time in the form of no clam benefits, so the younger you buy your health insurance plan and manage to stay healthy, the more no-claim benefits you collect each year, which increases your medical cover over time.

Much easier and cheaper health insurance deals online: Over 50s find it almost impossible to find a health insurance plan online due to most health insurance companies not willing to offer such plans online. However, you can now shop around for much cheaper health insurance packages online at a younger age with ease. This is a benefit you might miss out on the longer you wait.

Cover for your unborn baby: Most new health polices these days come with maternity benefits, like cover for your unborn child and day care procedures too without any additional cost, not just your hospital medical needs, which is quite useful these days.
There more benefits to buying your health insurance now than listed above, which only boost my believe of why I believe you should buy your health insurance plan as soon as you can.

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