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Stages of baldness and recommended treatments.

Baldness is truly a scary thing that would make any hair loving person panic, especially when you are so used to a full head of hair, becoming bald could have such a big impact on both your confidence and social life, and as you may know there are different stages of baldness in both male and female, So, here is a guide to help you find out what stage of boldness you are in and to hopefully help you figure out the right treatment to suit you before it too late.

Different stages for hair loss for males and their recommended treatment:

Stage 1: This is obviously the first stage, it is the normal stage, because there are no visible signs yet, all you’ll notice are just the few hairs that fall off whenever you try to wash or comb your hair.

Treatment: Give your head scalp a gentle massage every day to improve blood circulation, stay stress free and try to go for a high protein diet.

Stage 2. This second stage is the early stage of baldness, you will notice a big and deep loss of hair on top of your head. If the stage one treatment doesn’t work and you get to this second stage, then you should consider taking advise from an expert in this field, a doctor preferably.

Treatment: If you go see a doctor, he’ll suggest to you a combination of treatments, like, laser hair therapy or derma rolling to improve your scalp absorption with Minoxidil.

Stage 3: This stage is the stage of acute hair loss or baldness. You’ll start seeing thin lines of hair loss from one side of your front forehead to the other side, and sometimes, the hair loss area is very visible from the top of your head, creating a bridge like structure.

Treatment: when you’re at this stage, your doctor will suggest you go for hair grafts. You’ll need about 3000 to 4000 grafts to cover the balding area. Your doctor will also advise you to use Minoxidil or other kind like supplements to maintain the growth of the part of your hair not yet affected.

Stage 4: At this stage, looking at your head in a mirror or asking someone to help you check since you can’t see the top of your hair, or better still taking a click with your phone camera to check, you’ll see increase in the areas affected with baldness, you can even see the increase from the side of your head too.

Treatment: When you’re at this stage, your doctor might advice you to go for a hair transplantation. This usually takes place from the back of your head where your hair still grows out normally.

Stage 5: At this stage, you’re probably almost completely bald. Only a thin line of hair will be visible on the side or back of your head.

Treatment: At this stage, if you don’t want to completely remove all your hair and be comfortably bald, then the only technique that might work for you is using weaving techniques or hair bonding like females do

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