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Soothing Your Baby With Aromatherapy

The first time you heard your baby cry, you were probably overjoyed. After the first few days, the thrill probably wore off. As the weeks go by, your joy turns to frustration and concern. If you are a first time mom, the concern is magnified.

Babies are naturally fussy. Sometimes they cry because they need to be changed or fed. Sometimes because they are tired and need a nap. Sometimes they cry because they are teething. Some babies suffer from colic. Some babies just cry to hear themselves cry.

It isn’t always possible to figure out why the baby is crying. Doctors suggest you go through the above list, and eliminate the possibilities for tears one at a time, starting with the most obvious. If they need to be changed or fed, the issue can easily be resolved.

Overtired babies don’t necessarily go to sleep, just because they’ve been awake for hours. For these babies, the best thing to do is to settle down with the baby in a quiet place. Try using a couple of drops of lavender on a cloth and keep it near you as you rock the baby to sleep. Doing this frequently will not only soothe him, but will build an association between the scent and bedtime. As she gets older and you put her directly in the crib, you can continue using essential oils for aromatherapy in her room.

Babies start teething as early as a few months old. Some cut their teeth easily with little pain, while others are in constant pain. Try using a drop of chamomile on a washcloth wrapped around an ice cube, to cut teething pain and soothe the stomach that is upset by the crying.

Sometimes, giving your baby a bath will soothe her enough to stop the fussing. Essential oils can be used in bathwater, to create a calming effect. Turning the lights low in the bathroom and turning on some soft music will prove to be relaxing for both you and the baby. For an added measure of relaxation, draw the bath and join your baby for a short while. It will do you both wonders.

If you have a baby suffering from colic, little will soothe her like a good stroll. She will want to be in motion all of the time. If not a stroll, then make use of a swing. The newer models are battery operated and can be used in conjunction with your ipod. Play soothing music or nature sounds, to promote napping. Using a swaddle or front pack to keep the baby tight to your chest while you clean works very well for babies who suffer from colic, as the body to body creates a soothing pressure on the painful tummy of your baby. Mums of colicky babies will welcome helpers who are willing to walk and rock the infant and allow her to get some rest.

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