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Keeping Babies Immune Systems Healthy

Parents have a full time responsibility of keeping their babies healthy and safe. As the child grows, the demands increase for vigilance in keeping a watchful eye and implementing health and safety measures.

The biggest risk factor in a child getting sick is exposure to germs. Many parents choose not to take their babies into public spaces during the first couple of months of their life, or during cold and flu season. It is not always possible to keep the baby isolated, however.

One of the best methods of keeping a baby germ free is for you to use hand sanitizer and to insist that anyone else interacting with the baby do the same. Zatola’s organic hand sanitizer is the perfect solution to the battle with germs. Because it is all natural, it is void of harsh chemicals and can be used frequently.

Giving babies a proper diet is also an important factor in keeping the baby healthy. Breastfeeding is proclaimed as the best way to give newborns the proper protection of the immune system. Statistically, breastfed babies have a substantially lower risk of illness than bottle fed babies.

Once the baby is old enough to begin eating foods, introduce fruits and vegetables to the diet. If possible, avoid feeding the baby foods that are tainted with chemicals. Rather, make your own organic baby food or purchase jars from an organic producer. Feeding the baby organic food will build the immune system, whereas giving chemical filled foods will block systems that fight disease.

Once the baby is done eating, or playing on the floor, or being held by a non-family member; be sure to sanitize the baby’s hands and wipe down the arms and face with Zatola’s organic wipes. This will ensure that any germs that may be on the skin will be wiped away.

Expose your baby to sun and fresh air by taking him or her outside daily. The vitamin D from the sun works in conjunction with nutrients being eaten, to build the immune system. Even in the winter, you can bundle the baby and go outside for a minimum of 15 minutes, to reap the rewards of increasing health. During the warm months, let your baby play on the grass or sand. The textures trigger sensory stimulation that in turn, work to build optimum heath. Of course, if your baby is playing on the ground, you will need to clean the skin surface of your baby by using wipes or bathing to eradicate germs.

It is healthy and necessary to allow your baby to explore, interact with others, and play outside. Germs are a part of life, and some exposure is necessary to maintain a healthy immune system. The balance is to allow normal activity, followed by sanitizing, then avoiding situations when you know there are sick adults or children, particularly in crowded public areas such as public transit and playgrounds.

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