Baby care

Caring for Your Newborn Baby

Caring for Your Newborn Baby

Caring for your newborn is a challenge and requires your full time attention. Between feeding, changing, and bathing, there is little time left to get other things done.

baby care products are designed to take some of your stress away. You won’t have to worry about whether the product is safe or works well, or should only be used for a particular age child. All of our products are 100% natural and organic and completely non-toxic.

Bathing Your Baby

Bath time is a great time for both mums and dads to bond with baby. Most babies enjoy the water. If yours doesn’t yet enjoy bathing, do not worry. It will come with time, especially as they get older and can splash and play with toys.

Tiny newborns should be given a sponge bath on a towel or in a specially created bath tub for infants. To bathe the face, use a clean soft washcloth and squeeze the excess water out. Gently clean the eyelids, wiping from the inner to the outer eye. Rinse the cloth in the water, again taking care to squeeze excess water out. Wipe behind the ears and gently wipe the outer ear. Caution: Do not put your finger inside of the baby’s ear. Hair can be washed with organic shampoo.

Older babies and toddlers will enjoy being partially submerged in water. You will need to supervise carefully, and never leave them alone in water, as it only takes moments for a baby to fall forward and drown. There are numerous items you can buy to put in the tub to hold the child in an upright position.

Take the opportunity to give your baby playtime while in the bath. offers organic bubble bath that are safe to use with children of all ages. Singing a song to the baby will comfort those who do not like being in the water and make it a time for all babies to look forward to each day.

Once the bath is over, gently towel dry your baby and prepare to diaper him or her. Non-organic baby powders are not recommended for use, as they contain chemicals that are harmful to your baby’s lungs and skin. provides an all natural, organic baby powder that is completely safe for use. We also offer all natural diapers and wipes.

Now that your baby has had a bath and is diapered, you can swaddle him and prepare to give him a nap or put him to bed for the night. It is best to turn lights down low, put on soothing music, and limit distractions. Cuddle the baby close to your chest and hum softly to the music, while sitting in a rocking chair or improvising by creating a rocking motion with your arms.

Soon, your baby will be asleep and you can enjoy some solitude of your own. Try essential oils in a diffuser and bath salts in the tub, to create your own quiet moments of luxury.

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