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First, what are cardiac problems? This is a disease or malfunctioning of the heart disrupting the way it delivers blood through the systems.

Characteristics of Cardiac problems:

*Structural: This type of cardiac problem disorder affects the structure of the heart, which include birth defects, malfunctioning of the valve and cardiac muscles issues.

**Electrical: This cardiac problem is caused by an abnormal electrical system which controls the heartbeat. It causes the heartbeat to either be remarkably faster or oddly slower than usual, which causes the heart to be unsteady. Some serious irregular heartbeat like a condition called arrhythmia can develop into a severe heart problem, which might lead to cardiac arrest.

***Circulatory: This cardiac problem is caused by issues related to the blood circulation system of the body. The patient suffers from an obstruction in the passage ways of the heart (also known as coronary artery disease) and high blood pressure in this type of cardiac disorder. This can be fatal if left untreated for a long time because it usually leads to heart attack or stroke.


There are a lot of surgical procedures available today mainly aimed at treating cardiac problems.

Most commonly cardiac problems treatment procedures are as follows:

*Heart valve replacement surgery: This procedure is essential to replace a faulty heart valve, which is to prevent the blood from flowing back to the portion of the heart it was extracted from. The surgeon will either advice you to repair your valve or replace it with an artificial one. This is usually an effective cardiac surgical procedure that is used worldwide for its efficiency in treatment and faster recovery.

**Heart transplant: This is when a cardiac surgeon removes a malfunctioning heart and replace it with a healthy donor heart. This cardiac surgery is usually the last resort to treat a serious cardiac condition. This is usually advised when other treatments methods have failed.

*** Arrhythmia treatment: Arrhythmia is a type of cardiac problem that occurs when your heartbeat is not regular or normal. Surgical treatments for this cardiac problem always comes after your surgeon must have prescribe medical drugs and have seen no changes.

These are the different types of surgical treatments for arrhythmia:

*Maze surgery: This procedure is done by creating an artificial path for the electrical signals of the heart to travel better. This procedure is most useful in treating severe forms of arrhythmia, and it is also known as ‘Atrial Fibrillation’.

**Pacemaker: This is an electrical implant device surgically implanted under a part of the patient’s skin, which is usually the abdomen or the chest. There are wires that helps connects this device to the four nooks of the heart, this device gives off low energy electrical impulse to the heart that helps it beat in a normal rhythm through the connecting wires.

***Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator: This is also a surgical implant device placed under the skin of the chest or abdomen like the pace maker, but it is smaller. The smart sensor in the cardioverter defibrillator notice any abnormal heart rhythm and activates to restore it to its normal level automatically.

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