Health insurance

All you need to know about choosing the right health insurance

With so many companies offering great deals and benefits, knowing which health insurance to buy can be very difficult and confusing.

Below is a list of useful guidelines to help you choose the right health insurance deal:

Claiming procedure:
The claiming procedure should be easy and straight forward to understand, to prevent complications and a delay of your settlement claim.

Customer support:
Research and make sure that they have a mandatory 24’7 customer service for their health insurance. This is very important in case there is a misunderstanding at the hospital and you need one of their customer care executive to come and help clear things up.

Waiting period:
Due to the waiting period policy of most insurance companies, which is based on age and existing /previous health history, it is advised to buy your insurance plan at a much younger age, to avoid a waiting period of about one to six years.

Before and after hospitalisation:
Make sure your health insurance plan covers medicines, tests and doctors’ check-ups from before you are admitted and after you have been discharged. This is to ensure most of the burden is not on you personally.

Cost of insurance package:
The cost of the health insurance plan is one of the most important decisions you would have to make. Make sure to take into consideration your age, physical health, monthly wages etc. before choosing an insurance package, to prevent your inability to keep making payments in the future.

Health insurance for your family:
It is advisable for you to consider including your family in your insurance package, this could be cos effective and gives peace of mind amongst other things. Make sure to consider their health history and age before buying the best health insurance package.

Hospital networks:
Ask the insurance company if they have a network of hospitals they work closely with and the payment options available at those hospitals. This could save you a lot of time and headache, especially if the hospital deals directly with the insurer and not you, to settle your bills.

Health insurance doesn’t always seem important when you are in good health, however it is important to buy a very good health insurance in case you need it, so that you can have a peace of mind and no regrets in case of a future need.

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